Sunday, August 2, 2009

Prayers Answered - Both Doing Well

Hey All,

Thanks so much for your prayers for Troy! They're being answered!! The pain is less and he's been able to make the trek two levels up (with the help of the elevator) to see Bobby three times today. They even got the chance to walk/race with each other. Here's Troy's Facebook posting: "Troy Soares tough going in the hosp. Just had a walking race with Bobby, he won." Troy is sounding more like his normal self especially after a good rest today. Please continue to pray for the pain to subside and for things to "move". He was to be discharged today but he'll probably be out sometime tomorrow.

Bob is doing great and is progressing leaps and bounds! They projected that the earliest that he would be discharged would be Tuesday and now he's on track to be discharged tomorrow!! God is good! It's another race to see who'll be discharged first(; So far, Troy's kidney is being accepted with the help of the medication and it is working well. Please also continue to pray for Bob(=

Thanks again you guys for all the support! I means so much!!

God Bless,

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