Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Relief, and Thanks for Your Encouragements

It was a great relief Friday night as the acid-blocker medication prescribed by the ER doctor worked great! I got some good sleep.
During the day I just had to remain calm and not get too "worked-up" about anything... which is where the anti-nausea medication would come in. By Sunday morning I was feeling much better and did a 2mi walk.

Today I talked more (which, as you know, is hard for me not too do) and didn't get too nauseous. My surgery wound is healing up good and I'm able to carry heavier things like Ariel which has been great bonding for us.

I have a GI specialist appointment tomorrow in San Francisco. I've had a lot of tests done and nothing strange has turned up. This is an answer to prayer. I'm a really healthy sick-feeling guy :)

The "free-air" thing doesn't seem related to the nausea. It went away about 24 days after surgery. The doctor was expecting more like 7. Turns out that a government study has showed that "skinny men" tend to keep the "free-air" for up to 18 days. Looks like I've set a record.

Another "record book" I might make is the CPMC Morbidity Council review of kidney donor surgery complications. Since there's only been 1 complication in last year's 99 living donor surgeries, I may be the 1 complication for this year.

Thanks for all the encouragements you've sent to me. In light of the many others who are having a difficult time, I encourage you to send some of your great support and prayers their way as well. There are fire victims trying to rebuild their lives. There are many of my friends facing job uncertainty with the closing of the San Jose Rockwell Collins site. And there are those fighting cancer or keeping it in remission. And many other struggles are out there...

Here are some great encouragements you gave me that may give others hope, too...

"F R O G Fully Reliant On God!"

Psalm 55:16, "I will pray to God with all my heart and He will keep me

"Today is the day the Lord has made...may you rejoice and be glad."

"Isn't it funny how athletes notice every little thing with their bodies?"

(to help me gain weight..) "Here's the recipe for chocolate covered bacon strips that one restaurant (Machine Shed) in Iowa sells at fairs this summer. It is a big hit at the fairs"

"since it might be an ulcer, you probably should not try the KFC 1200 calorie sandwich I suggested."

"Jeremiah 33:6 NIV, 6 " 'Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.'"

"He will be rewarded greatly for his sufferings, but I know it stinks to be in pain."

"Remember when were suffering in a long race and we tell ourselves this day will pass and tomorrow will come and I wont be in these shoes!"This will pass to"."

"God is allowing Ironman discomfort to give you an Ironman spirit to endure anything others will not in your future"

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