Thursday, July 9, 2009

Surgery Cancelled but God's Hand is Visible

Thanks so much for the support Bobby and I have received.
Today Bobby & I were tested more before the surgery and at the end of the day an issue came up with one of my blood test results. The nephrologist thought it serious enough to delay the surgery until an expert (hematologist) can review the condition. This was a shock to all of us and unfortunately we have to wait a few weeks and are praying that at that time the transplant will be successful. The hospital is very cautious and thorough. Would have been better however to have reviewed this before everyone made so many plans. But for now the surgery is delayed and we'll keep you updated.

I did feel very much like the Lord was involved throughout the day. It was comforting. Maybe it was the many prayers so many prayed. There were some special moments. Bobby's family, grandmother and cousin were supporting him. Bobby is so easy going and generous. When asked to be a part of a study that would require blood drawn over the next year with an unknown chance of helping future kidney recipients, he was quick to sign up.

And that unique blood test (which mixes my blood with the venom from a Russell viper snake found in India) was a concern because it revealed I have higher propensity for blood clots which means sitting (at a desk) for long periods of time is bad for me. I need to move more. Often Robin has had to force me to take a lunch and get some activity. I've also felt the Lord's prompting to be more consistent at getting out. Now it's very tangible how important it is.

This is also neat: For almost a year I've had some abdominal pain that prevented situps. I thought it would go away and hoped it wouldn't interfere with surgery recovery. When the doctor did a final exam of me, he discovered I had an umbilical hernia, which is somewhat common, and they would fix that up during the surgery!

Seeing the large bag of medication Bobby's mom was carrying, I had new insight to his daily plight. Bobby explained some of the prescriptions to me. One is like drinking chalk twice a day. Others are like a mixed drink of nasty stuff.
It's sad that Bobby has to wait and continue drinking those nasty cocktails and limiting what he eats. But I feel God's in control and good things are coming...

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