Friday, July 31, 2009

Successful Surgery. United in Christ

This is Robin writing on behalf of Troy. First of all, thank you all so very much for your many prayers and thoughtful calls and emails! I know for certain that they made the day go very smoothly. Troy went in for surgery following a family prayer around 9am with a smile on his face. We (The Frey Family and Troy's Mom, Sue, and husband Ray) all got a chuckle when he recounted that the doctor him that the cyst on his chest could actually be breast tissue based on the fact that there was another one removed on the other side in the same location. For those Friends fans out there, we know now that Troy can relate to Chandler(= That could explain his sensitive side too...ha, ha! There were "no hiccups" according to the doctor when he came down to talk with us around 1pm. He successfully removed Troy's kidney, cyst and fixed his hernia. He is as good as new(= The doctor also told me that the last thing he said was "tell my wife I love her"...ahh, what a sweetheart!! Around 3:30pm we were able to go up and visit with Troy. He greeted us with a smile. Despite being groggy, he still was able to joke around and tell us that he had to wake up a few times to direct the doctors(= Anna and Ariel also got to see Daddy and get used to all the tubes.

In the meantime, Bob is getting a new kidney. He will have 3 kidneys shortly. The doctors plan on leaving the other two and let them be eventually absorbed by the body. For this reason, he will have to be in ICU as they monitor his intake and output of fluids. The output will be extreme for a time so they will have to make sure he doesn't get too dehydrated. His road to recovery starts soon and will be around 3 months long in comparison to Troy's 6 weeks. Please continue to pray that the recovery for both will be smooth and that Bob's body takes well to Troy's kidney.

Time to get the kids fed, bathed and off to bed. I think I will join them soon after(= It's been a long tiring day but the Lord has sustained us all! Thanks to Sandy, Bob's grandma, the girls had some new toys to play with...boy, that really helped to pass the time for them! Thanks to Sue and Ray for being here and helping with the girls. Also, thanks to Steph, Bob's mom, and Christina, Bob's cousin, for helping with the kids too! The best part is that we are all united in Christ! Thanks be to Jesus for this day!!

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