Friday, August 14, 2009

Back in the Hospital - Praying for no Puncture

This is Robin writing on behalf of Troy. Today Troy had an appointment with the doctors at CA Pacific Med Center in SF. This was a planned appointment but we had them move it up to Friday since the nausea, weight loss, discomfort from gas and fatigue was persisting. Earlier today we were told that he could have a punctured intestine, which would require surgery, and that a CAT scan was needed to look for that possibility. After praying about it, I immediately asked our church to pray that it wouldn't be a punctured intestine. God is good and He answered that prayer and Troy doesn't have a punctured intestine!! They did find that there is air and fluid in the open areas within him. This is not a serious issue, thank the Lord, but it is not common...maybe 10% or less of kidney donors experience such a thing. They are keeping him overnight to see if an IV and antacid will help. Please pray that Troy can return to his old self physically. Mentally and spiritually he is strong and keeping his eyes on Jesus.

Thanks to all of you who are praying and have sent notes/emails of encouragement! We are so blessed!!

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