Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12 Days After - Bobby's Great, I'm Nauseaus

12 days since surgery. Been really tired so not on the computer much.

Bobby is doing great. He monitors his temperature, weight, blood pressure, etc every day and has blood tests 2/wk. Since the transplant he's gained 10 lbs and his creatinine levels quickly went from critical to normal. He doesn't feel any discomfort and walks without a hunch now. He's reading a lot of books and staying healthy.. which is really important for the first 3 mo's.

I'm doing ok but not feeling hot. I did go miniature golfing with Robin for our anniversary and that was fun. But I've been more nauseous lately. I'm sleeping 12-15 hrs but still tired. I'm walking 2mi/day but still have the gas gurgling around. I'm trying to eat more but still 10 lbs too low. I've scheduled an earlier doctor appointment.

It's tough but I'm surrounded by cards and flowers. I'm eating home-cooked meals from our church family and neighbors. And I'm reminded of the many prayers and prayer chains out there for us. I'm comforted knowing absolutely that I'm in God's hands so everything will be good.

I recently read the supportive posts on the ICTN (International Christian Triathlon Network) Google Group about the kidney donation. They lifted my spirits.
Also recently had an email conversation with Binh, a guy who also gave his kidney on the same day I did in San Francisco. A mutual friend introduced us. He's actually back to normal activities already.

Will keep you posted. Thanks for your prayers.
God is good.

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