Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Kidney Donation Experience

This is Troy :) We got home yesterday. Great to be home! Bobby was released yesterday evening and got home today. We're both doing good.

Yesterday, I took a pain pill before the drive and had no problems. But it also slowed the bowels down so the evening was tough. Through the night I'd walk some painful laps around the house every couple hours to relieve pressure. It wasn't as bad as I expected, though, like the night before at the hospital.

This morning was start of a great day! A turning point. The bowels are working. I feel better. I'm off the pain med since yesterday afternoon and think I can go without here on out.
I walked (slowly) Anna to pre-school. I'm taking naps. I'm getting my appetite back

I was impressed with the great doctors at CPMC. And the staff. They often made me feel like a hero wherever I went.

Robin set me up in bed with a stand for my computer and a tray of food. I think I can get used to this :)

I haven't been able to read many emails yet but I know there were SO many prayers and I'm very thankful for all of them.. they really work.

I just saw the Facebook picture of Bobby & I. Pretty amazing how good he looks. My recovery at the hospital was difficult at times at it wasn't always easy to remember the important things and be positive in the midst of pain. 15 min would seem like an hour. But it really made me happy each time I'd hear a progress update on Bobby. I felt like I was on a winning relay team and my anchor was pulling us to victory. I think Bobby & I also pushed each other... his recovery should have been at least 5 days and he checked out in 3! After he was walking faster than me, I practiced more, and then nipped him in the next heat :)

Laughing hurts. Had to turn "Friends" off yesterday.. too funny. Robin makes me laugh, too, so she's trying hard not to.
So don't send jokes! :)

My Last Run: Morning of surgery I wanted to run one last time. It's a mile to the hospital and the nice little park next to it. I start off my slow jog on the lonely, but busy, morning city streets. I see a fitness group pour out onto the sidewalk and start running as I go by. They say "join us" and I do. Soon I'm in the back, just really happy to be running with a group, which I never would have expected, and ask the girl next to me how often they do this. She's says, "5 days a week". I say, "Wow, you guys are in great shape". She says, "It's my first day." So we both slowly trudged up the steep hills of San Francisco. At the park, the group ("Start Fitness - Ikedo") did hill repeats of side step, backwards running, etc. which I joined in. It was a great start. I spent some time in the park thanking God for making things work out so well and then jogged into surgery prep.

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