Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anyone Need an Electrical Engineer with One Kidney?

I continue to be privileged with your nice notes and phone calls of support. And I've passed on the encouragements to Bobby as well. We're both doing well. In fact Bobby had a great checkup and his dad reported "... Bobby was given a clean bill of health by the doctor - meaning he can now go about life as a normal yayhoo of 18 years old. Pretty crazy to think that we finally have a healthy son! Thanks God (and Troy too!!)"

I also wanted to let you know that I'll be looking for a new job as my company is eliminating my position and laying me off in November.
(I am an EMI/EMC Electrical engineer and can send you my resume in case you know of any leads)
This is due in part to Rockwell Collins shutting down it's San Jose plant - one of it's significant West Coast sites.

This doesn't feel too surprising considering the economy. And our hearts have been comforted by what Jesus has been doing in our lives and the promise He's always fulfilled to lead us to even better places.

There are also 2 blessings hidden here that I thank God for...

  1. Usually no notice is given in a lay-off, but since mine was grouped with the "plant shutdown" of San Jose, I was given the required 2-month notice.
  2. Because of the nausea, I had to go back on medical leave a 2nd time and this was when the San Jose lay-offs were announced. I believe that being on medical leave postponed my notification for a couple weeks which, in the end, kept me employed longer to receive additional vacation weeks.
So these blessings, and the unseen future blessings to come, and the good news from Bobby's checkup are all things we thank the Lord for.

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