Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bobby Looks Good

Saw this picture of bobby and his parents during their recent trip to the desert, a common family outing for them, and it just seemed Bobby looked bigger, stronger, taller... at least I know the dog is definitely bigger, stronger, taller but he was more a puppy last I saw him.

Anyway, Bobby is doing well and his Grandma says she can notice the higher energy levels when he helps her around the place. This really makes me happy. The doctors are happy, too.

I'm feeling good and don't notice anything different with 1 kidney. Although my fitness still has a ways to go as I notice heavier breathing biking these Auburn hills, but I expect that is from those many weeks in bed. I've had 2 good runs lately (running 2.6mi once a week) and getting faster (<9min/mi pace). I've had a long-going foot problem which the doctors said there's no help, so I thank the Lord for these runs which show He's allowing my foot to get a little better.

My weight seems to have stabilizied around 163. This is 5 lbs less than my 2-kidney days. I've been getting physical therapy at American River Rehab to help build the abdomen back up and help other issues.

Before, I didn't know anyone with kidney issues besides Bobby and now of course I'm meeting many more. I'm glad to share my experience with those that are going towards a kidney removal or kidney transplant procedure. I know the best thing for me was being able to be secure knowing the Lord would take care of my family and I. Praying is the biggest help.

I also feel hopeful about the job situation and that God has something lined up. I have 1 more month at my current job and then will hope to transition to an aerospace or electronics company between Sacramento and Grass Valley, or possibly work as a contractor/consultant for a while which I enjoyed doing a couple years ago.

Thanks again for the support and everyone that's been asking how I'm doing and how Bobby is doing. We're doing well!

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