Saturday, July 31, 2010

1 Year Kidney Anniversary

Yesterday we visited with Bobby and his family.  He's really grown.  His mom says he went from 5'7" to 6'3" in the year.
A year ago today, I was given the opportunity to go into surgery, along with my best friend's son.  My family, his family, it was an amazing day, and Bobby impressed everyone with his new color, energy, and fast recovery.
Since then, I've enjoyed hearing about Bobby and his return to work, his new college classes, his outdoor activities and his creative mechanical expertise with anything that has a motor.  Recently he backpacked about 19mi in Yellowstone National Park!
It's been a great year for me.  Even though I was laid off, I was then blessed with a better job.  I did some bike races, 5 triathlons, and the most running in years.  In October, a prayer we maintained faithfully for years was answered and my sore foot started getting better, allowing me to run more and more.  And when I run, I often talk with God.  And the day is better because of it.
I haven't noticed anything less with 1 kidney, except for being 5 lbs lighter and getting a little more winded in hard biking efforts early on.  However, my remaining kidney has supposedly been getting stronger and my performance now on the bike is probably as good or better than it's ever been.

All in all it's been very much like the doctors said.. no difference than with 2 kidneys.  But I give the credit for everything good to Jesus Christ.  There are risks in everything we do, so I hope to not take each day for granted, but to remember it is a result of His giving.

There are many people still awaiting kidney donation.  I talked with a few people since and recently a relative of ours donated to his brother-n-law.
I have felt so blessed to be a part of all this.  Everytime I hear Bobby say he feels great, I couldn't be happier.
Jesus gives and takes away; it this case He has given to both of us.

Troy Soares

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